Playing for Keeps on League of Legends

lol gameplay

League of Legends is one of the most intense multi player combat game experiences that are considered to be the top of the line in online gaming. Not only does the game engine and game play design excel, but the fact that it is one of the most popular online games – with more than 27 million users logging in a day means that there are always interesting challenges to find. There is a lot to do there, and a lot of ways that you can get even more out of the game by learning how to picks champions.

Even if you have played League of Legends for a while it is important not to forget to check the updates and blogs to find out about releases, patches and changes. Some of the mapping systems work to reveal hidden levels or have multiple levels of solution. You may need to build yourself up enough to go back down several maps to solve it again, but in a different way, to get even more out of the world.

Building Up Your Champion

The first thing you do, after you have completed the tutorial level, is to begin building up your champion. There are several ways that you can do this, the slow and sure way is to just show up and log on. The longer you spend online the more gold you will accrue, not a large amount but enough to allow you to begin buying and trading to outfit your champion to increase your skill and power levels. You can also engage in a variety of different combat forms, each of which can either wipe out your character – or get you faster gains if you succeed.

Tournament Play

Tournament play is hugely popular. It is a moderated combat lane with a set of criteria for declaring winners of the tournament. You can enter as pairs, teams or an individual. The tournaments are staged throughout the real time year to allow you to build up your champions to stand a better chance of advancing. You can always set your stats to pull your champion out so you can preserve your gains too.

League Play

League play is structured much like the fantasy sport games. You can bid on players and build your team and then compete against others through points and scores to declare an overall winner. If a league doesn’t fill, the players are given an opportunity to roll over into another championship league. You can also host multiple champions in different league competitions.

Independent Challenges

The most popular of all the combat forms remains the individual challenge. This can occur in one of two ways. Either you can roam your lanes and engage in battle against AI or other players, or you can schedule challenge matches against another player. These independent challenges do not have to be played to the death so you can preserve your main champion and return to fight another day.

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Getting into the Starcraft World

I basically grew up on Blizzard Entertainment’s original Starcraft and Brood Wars expansion. It more or less defined RTS as a competitive sport and grew ridiculously big both locally and internationally. You know it’s a hit when there are dedicated gaming channels solely for Starcraft.


Starcraft has been called the defining example of its genre of military science fiction RPG games. It has been hugely influential in the gaming community and has spawned many copycat games. One thing that it has also spawned that is unusual in this day and age is an entire line of merchandise, including a whole series of novels based upon the game story.

The Game in a Nutshell

In brief, you join a team that is struggling to preserve the Confederation, a human entity, against the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg alien species. All of the species have their own goals and you have to make sure that none of them are successful in achieving any of them. One thing that complicates the storyline is that the Terrans were once human. In fact, they are future humans come back in time to conquer the universe as they have depleted all of their resources. These leads to some unusual twist in the game plot as human commanders get seduced by the power promised them by the Terrans.

The Merchandise


There are more action figures available for this game than almost any other with a predominately adult following. Part of this is thought to have stemmed from the Nintendo 64 version release. From the action figures have also come a whole line of models that represent different Starcrafts, the Zerg Overmind base and other elements of the Starcraft story. Of course, for the more cynical adult player – there are also t-shirts, posters and custom laptop items available. One thing that makes all of this merchandise possible is Starcraft is one of the few multi-player games that has spawned an entire generation of novelists to keep deepening players understanding of the world.

The Books

There are numerous books that take up parts of the main story of the game and spin out additional plot lines. There are even ones that promote that they are telling the back story of the alien species. The original game story came from an idea developed by Blizzard Entertainment that has spawned several authorized books by different authors. Some of which are leading to future expansions for the games.

The Board Games and More

There is an authorized board game version available from  Fantasy Flight Games and Wizards of the Coast is set to adapt Starcraft Adventures into an RPG game called Alternity.  As the Starcraft world grows, more and more fan fiction is appearing as well and you can find whole sites devoted to scenarios, episodes and art work supporting the game that is fan generated. The extent to which Starcraft has reached beyond its existence as a digital game speaks highly of the quality of its craftsmanship. While many people were unsure about the choice to use episodic storytelling as a linear progression to drive a game, it appears as if it has been very successful. The other advantage to all of these offshoots is that it will keep new ideas for expansion modules flowing.