Top Trophies in Grand Theft Auto V

grand theft auto 5 trophy mission

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t just an online and standalone game, it is an entire universe. In that universe you want to broadcast who you are and how good you are at what you do. The best way to do that is to earn trophies. These trophies act as your badges of accomplishment, they not only let others know exactly who they are dealing with – but once you learn the trophies and what they mean, you will know who you want to pick to be on your team.

Online and offline trophies

Grand Theft Auto has their trophies split into different tiers – bronze, silver and gold. They also have some trophies that are only available when you play online. Make sure you know which you are going for so you are playing in the right environment.

Bronze – Full Refund

This is one of the most popular Grand Theft Auto Trophies to earn while you are online, simply for the sheer satisfaction of it. Just about everyone will get mugged in the game. Find your mugger and kill him and you will earn your “full refund.”

Bronze – Dialing Digits

This trophy may seem like it is easy to earn online at first, until you realize you have to have spent the time online to build a gang to earn it. You will get the award the very first time you call your gang for back up. This is when the real difference between playing on a home entertainment system and playing online really shows up.

Bronze – American Dream

This is an online trophy that is available in all versions of Grand Theft Auto V. To gain things you have to get the legal aspects of life down pat – but you can use some pre-patch glitches to help. You have to own an apartment with a garage and have an insured vehicle for this trophy.

Bronze – Altruist Acolyte

You have to have a victim to get this trophy, and an unsuspecting one at that. You can earn this trophy both online and off. To get it – grab a victim and deliver them to the Altruist Cult, make sure you don’t grab a secret member though, that could make things turn out much different than you suspect.

Silver – Decorated

This is another of the Grand Theft Auto V awards that crosses all versions but is only available with online play. You have to achieve 30 platinum awards in order to earn this trophy. The more time you put in online in registered competitions and challenges, the better your chance of winning this one.

Gold – Above the Law

This is one of the top of the line trophies that you can get and it is also a trophy that is only available in online play. To get it you have to play enough to reach the rank of 100. Be careful though, none of the scores you have achieved using a cheat are going to count towards this trophy. If you are taking advantage of any of the pre-patch glitches, that won’t affect you at all.

Minecraft – A Game with a Difference

minecraft minecart

Minecraft is one of the best downloadable video games the world. It runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and more. It was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and subsequently developed by Mojang. Started initially with alpha version, it has been updated to full version. Later, it was ported to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is soon the next generation consoles. The game has become very popular and has received several awards like Innovation award, Best Downloadable Game Award, Best Debut Game Award, Audience Award, Seumas Mcnally Grand Prize, and so on.

To play the game, you can try a demo at after you register an account or just try Minecraft free from your browser.

What the Heck Do You Do in This Game?

Minecraft is basically about  breaking and placing of blocks. Players have full freedom to play the game the way they like. It is an open world game where the players have no specific goals to achieve. In this interesting game world, 3D objects, mainly cubes, are  placed in a definite pattern representing different materials such as stone, tree trunks, dirt, water, and several ores. Players, who can move freely across the game world, collect these material blocks and place them in some fixed patterns thus creating various constructions.

What Makes Minecraft Unique?

The game world is infinitely large, divided into biomes, extending from deserts to jungles and snow fields. There are terrains consisting of plains, forests, caves, mountains and water sources. There are several characters including animals, villagers, cows, pigs, chickens, and several creatures like spiders, skeletons, creepers and zombies. In addition to the main world, there are two alternate dimensions, the Nether and the End. The Nether is a hell like dimension containing many exclusive devices which can be used to travel great distances in the over world. The dangerous Ender dragon stays in the barren land called the End. Killing the dragon is the end of the game. The commercial release has four modes of game play, namely, survival mode, creative mode, hard core mode and spectator mode, which differ depending on the different characteristics.

Its complex crafting system has amazing depth, graphics are impressive and there is great balance between building and adventuring. Minecraft gaming community stands out among other gaming communities as being the most funniest, friendliest and outspoken. There is a possibility that this game can be used to redesign parks and public buildings, based on the vision  that it will be more user friendly. It  has been used in educational activities to teach students various subjects like history and science, by creating necessary historical land marks and scientific models. There is no doubt that this game will endure for years and will leave a memorable landmark in the gaming industry.

Accessories for Playstation 4

playstation 4 accessories

If you are coming in from another home entertainment gaming system it may at first appear like PlayStation 4 doesn’t offer much in the way of accessories anymore. With the latest generation of the PlayStation, many of the third party controllers and options have had their support discontinued and won’t work with the new hardware. This isn’t a sign that Playstation 4 is downgrading, in fact, it’s just the opposite. It is a shrewd maneuver from Sony to become the producer of home gaming consoles for the serious gamer. You won’t find dancing pads and balance boards or lots of bells and whistles, you will find controllers and towers that deliver some of the best gaming around.

The console comes in a tower design that is easy to fit into your home entertainment system. The design of the case is sleek and modern and it can handle the addition of the camera units available as an accessory as well. The tower design helps to promote cooling of the hardware so there isn’t much to worry about making sure you have room around the console. You do want to place it with adequate airflow space and make sure that the sensors on the tower case can receive from the controller.


While the previous incarnations of the PlayStation were able to use a variety of 3rd party controllers such as the racing steering wheel setups and combat joystick, those will no longer be supported with the PS4. Instead, the stock shock controller is the only game at hand. This controller is fine tuned to the Playstation 4 system and includes the vibrating feedback sensor to increase game play. While this may take some getting used to, it increases your ability to use the controller with skill in all games quickly.

Tower Accessories

The tower accessories for the PS 4 are basic stands but they serve a definite purpose. They will lift the tower off the ground to give it enough air flow around the full case so that the components remain able to operate at ideal temperatures during maximum gameplay.


One thing that you cannot underestimate is the need for quality headphone devices. This is the one area where there are still plenty of third party issues supported. You want headphones that include quality VOIP systems. With the PS4 you can talk to other players, but to use the voice command system you will need a sharper quality VOIP tech than is included with cheaper headphones.


The PS4 does not come with a camera built in, but there are cameras accessories designed that can work as a hardwired or wireless addition to the system. Camera can increase communication with other players, be used to take screen shots or even to record gameplay. The format and codecs of the cameras can be set to standard options using the settings feature with the controller. You can save these to the tower hard drive or export them to an external device as well.